Celebrating the Rich History of Tennessee Women

Tennessee Women of Vision and CourageMany women have contributed significantly to the rich heritage of Tennessee during its more than 200 years of state history. However, only a small number of these women are included in our written history. Through their new book, Tennessee Women of Vision and Courage, the Tennessee Women Project recognizes Tennessee women from frontier days though the twentieth century who faced hardship and challenges with courage and vision; they are a source of inspiration to women and girls of this twenty-first century.

Edited by Charlotte Crawford and Ruth Johnson Smiley, Tennessee Women of Vision and Courage is a compilation of profiles of twenty-two historic Tennessee women written and researched by twenty contemporary Tennessee women. These stories vividly reflect events in Tennessee history. Women fought for their right to vote, compulsory education for children, racial justice, and equal opportunities for all. The pioneering spirit, vision, and courage of Tennessee women enabled them to overcome hardship and adversity to blaze a trail for women.

Tennessee Women of Vision and Courage has been nominated for a 2013 Tennessee History Book Award. The award is sponsored by the Tennessee Library Association and the Tennessee Historical Commission. Winners will be announced in 2014.


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